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175+ Ways to Get up to DOUBLE Better Gas Mileage
100+pg Ebook detailing over 175 different tips, tricks, tweaks, mods, and technologies whereby YOU can improve the gas mileage of every car you own

Energy Independence For All The Rest Of Us

Ebook detailing the 16 pillars of Off-Grid self-sufficient living, written when Mr. Benedict and his family of ten lived off the grid for 4 years. Everything you need to know to get started doing the same.
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101+ Easy, Sure-fire, No-nonsense Ways to Generate Web Traffic
Ebook detailing over a hundred free ways in Mr. Benedict's personal list to generate web traffic to your own websites.

Web Traffic in 30 days
Take any site from 0 to traffic in 30 days or less.
A basic manual to get you started in Internet Marketing and then a 30 day plan to follow to boost the traffic to any site, all laid out in plain English in such a way as to teach you the ropes to successful traffic generation.

Exploring the Innocence of God

Ever wonder who God is, and why He does some of the things He does? This book by Mr. Benedict may shed some light on it for you. Explore God's Innocence today!
Science fiction at its best, with hard science, raw emotions, and brutal times, all to test the character of a man on the edge

  • Sparks of War
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  • Science fiction at its best, with hard science, raw emotions, and brutal times, all to test the character of a man on the edge

  • Stones of Silence
    (buy it on Amazon!)

  • Science fiction at its best, with hard science, raw emotions, and brutal times, all to test the character of a man on the edge

  • Ripples of Consequence
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  • All 3 Books in T. Russell Benedict's science fiction Broken Power Trilogy, where the battle between good and evil reaches an epic climax in a galaxy run amok.

    It's deep-hell pilots, VR gamer chicks, dirty cops, pirates, unscrupulous politicians, AI's, liberated sex androids, aliens, drug lords, family, and more, all caught up in the maelstrom of death that sweeps the galaxy in a war that threatens their very survival...

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    A little bit about Evergreen Mountain Publishing, Duct Tape Press, and their services

    Just who are Evergreen Mountain Publishing and Duct Tape Press?

    Though its website is still in process, Evergreen Mountain Publishing and Duct Tape Press have some very specific goals in mind for its new publishing venture.

    The MacPherson Criticality (softcover)
    By JD Isaacs at D3Press

    The future is here, and Eileen Reagan is determined to take an active part. However, what appears to have been a freak accident has washed her out of cadet training just short of being commissioned in the space navy. Lucky not to be court-martialed, and with her cherished hopes of a glorious naval career in ruins, Eileen finds herself reassigned as a raw recruit in the space marine force. If she makes it through the remainder of basic training, she will get sergeant's rank, but what will become of her interrupted thesis on non-relative physics?

    Read the first three chapters here!

    Other Tim Benedict and Evergreen Mountain Publishing/ Duct Tape Press Books coming soon.

    Ancient Nuclear War - Evidence of high technology and war in ancient times. A new look at human history.

    The Annuls of Krysolarus - (Books1-3) A new fantasy/sci-fi fusion trilogy by T. Russell Benedict, linked into the same galaxy as his Broken Power Sci-fi series already published...

    Brother of Mine - (Youth) Two brothers at odds over a girl, starships, treasure, and the fate of the world.

    Across the Wall - (Youth) Four friends escape a fascist orphanage and struggle to survive in the wild.

    Through the Fire - (AutoBiography) Ten year snapshot of T. Russell Benedict's life, incl. house fires, moves, marriage, miracles, etc.

    A Stable Man - A study T. Russell Benedict led for a local youth ranch, where men-in-training learned how to BECOME men.

    The Languages of Respect - T. Russell Benedict's answer to, and continued exploration of, the Five Love Languages idea.

    Tales from Alaska - A collection of short stories and tales (each with a "moral of the story" behind it) that Tim (T. Russell Benedict) picked up while working and traveling in Alaska.

    The Radio Man of Garden Valley - A biographical snapshot of Rex LeFever, the man behind the Garden Valley Community Radio Station in Garden Valley, Idaho

    Multiple autobiographies by various new authors.

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